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Established in 2011 by our founder Charles Robbins, P.E., C2S Engineering, LLC (C2S) brings more than 20 years of combined experience working with Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Transportation Management Centers (TMC), Incident Management, and Arterial/Freeway Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) including Adaptive Signal Control Technologies (ASCT). C2S prides itself in efficiently implementing various operational strategies for Transportation System Management and Operations (TSM&O), and has successfully positioned itself as one of the leading transportation engineering firms in this field throughout the State of Florida. C2S’ outstanding engineering imprint and capabilities can also be seen beyond Florida within many ITS and arterial projects throughout the Southeast.

Our Services

Systems Engineering

Engineering a solution is a process that begins with a concept and results in defined measurable success. C2S will provide the innovation to your planning process that will create a clear vision for success. Then we will provide the design and procurement support services to ensure a successful project. C2S follows a systematic approach to providing engineering services that provides traceability from concept to success. C2S services include developing master plans, concept of operations, feasibility studies, design plans, requirements analysis, technical specifications and procurement support.

Express Lanes

C2S brings the operational experience from a national award winning express lane project, known as 95 Express in Southeast Florida.  This experience has led to the successful concept development of other regional express lanes projects including 75 Express, Palmetto Express, and Tampa Bay Next. Efforts include operating procedures, incident management plans, dynamic pricing algorithms, and software applications.  C2S can help you develop operational concepts and strategies that will provide a framework for implementing your successful project.

Transportation Management Centers

Transportation Management Centers (TMCs) are the command and control center for arterial/highway operations. C2S has developed nationally recognized TMC Operations Program in the area of performance measures tracking.  Performance measures introduce accountability and ensure the benefits of ITS deployments are realized by the public and partnering agencies.  C2S provides the staffing to deliver the highest quality 24/7/365 operational support services.  C2S not only provides qualified staff, but the structure needed for consistent and efficient operations.  This structure comes in the form of standard operating procedures, continuous training programs, and most of all leadership.  C2S has also developed software tools to improve the efficiency and quality of TMC operations.

Arterial Management

C2S has extensive experience in Arterial Management strategies – at all levels of the process. C2S has worked for large local Florida agencies, responsible for design, construction, integration, configuration, operation, and maintenance of arterial ITS and signal systems. C2S personnel have managed TMCs, including arterial operations personnel, and implemented the most cutting edge signal system and adaptive signal software. C2S also develops arterial operational procedures, performance measure policies and programs, system engineering documents for signal and adaptive systems, signal timing, signal design, and many other arterial management documents.

Key Staff

Gregg Letts, P.E.

Vice President


Matthew Weisman, P.E.

Project Manager


Virginia Robbins



Nathan Oppe

Business Administrator


About Our Founder


Charles Robbins, P.E.


Our founder was Charles John Robbins, P.E. (1965-2016). Though his name was Charles, most of us just called him, Charlie. Charlie’s vision, coupled with his mentoring abilities, made him the perfect leader, a much-respected manager, and an esteemed transportation engineer. Charlie loved traffic engineering. He was continuously looking for new ways to advance Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Whether it was creating new trends for data analysis or software enhancements (see OpMinder℠), or making traffic operations and incident management procedures easier and more efficient, Charlie was usually at the forefront of them all.

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